Guidelines for the education.

The wellbeing of your child is the main aim of our school: Our highly motivated and committed teachers adhere to the following principles:

Pedagogical Approach

In general, children are looking forward to attending kindergarten or school. We want to make sure that joy persists as a basis for our educational efforts.

Bilingual Teaching

Our bilingual teaching stimulates the children’s imagination; it opens their minds to new and different opinions. It makes them more tolerant and broadens their horizons. In addition, it helps them to pick up the English language easily and enjoyably.

We are a school in which every child is individually and actively encouraged to develop their individual abilities and interests at their own pace.

We are a school in which social competences, team spirit and good manners are very important.

We are a school in which high achievement is prized, children learn to work independently and we have a lot of fun together.

We are a school in which all children and staff members feel happy and at ease.

We are a school that strives for an open and constant dialogue with our pupils’ parents. We value parental knowledge as an enrichment of our work.

Our school is independent, non-denominational and politically neutral.

We are a school in which everyone can be proud of their own achievements.