Bilingual care at kindergarten level.

Privatschule Firstclass is a small private day school in the north of Zurich offering a high-standard education. The framework of the lessons is set in German at kindergarten and primary level. Lessons integrate numerous English sequences as a matter of course.


Our school is for parents who would like their children to be looked after in a professional way. Day school, small group teaching and highly qualified staff are all provided in a friendly “family” atmosphere.



Teaching values such as good manners, tolerance, helpfulness and respect for others is very important in our school. The children learn how to behave in any company or situation.


Our kindergarten teacher accompanies and guides the children through different activities, such as arts and crafts and cognitive exercises according to the Zurich curriculum with English sequences being integrated.

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Primary School

Grades 1 to 6 are taught bilingually and follow the curriculum laid down by the canton of Zurich. This means that pupils can transfer to a state school or international school at any time.

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Qualified Teachers

Our team consists of formally qualified teachers.

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Individually Fostered Learning

Our classes are deliberately kept small so that each individual receives the attention and support they require. Mixed-age groups discover and explore the school universe together. A healthy balance of arts and crafts and sports such as physical exercise, swimming, handicrafts and music contributes to forming well-rounded individuals.

Professional Childcare and Support

We are committed to ensuring the highest quality standards at our school. Parents can rest assured that their child’s teachers will follow the best ethical and educational practices. They can also feel confident that their children are being cared for consistently in a professional and warm extra-familial environment.

Privatschule Firstclass is a state-approved private school. It is politically and religiously independent.