The playground offers space to play outside and is a welcomed change by our students within the everyday school life.

The classroom are designed for children and make them a feel at home.


The spacious kindergarten room is set up to create a child-friendly and comfortable environment and has enough space for learning, playing, crafting and gymnastics. It contains a two-level playhouse with a quiet corner for reading and bookshelves with many English and German books. There is a big table for handicrafts, drawing and painting larger and smaller artwork and crafts.


Entry-level pupils and middle-schoolers both have their own classroom with individual desks, a wide variety of learning material and PCs with internet access.

Crafts room and integrated kitchen

Arts and crafts are taught in a dedicated crafts room.

Lunch takes place in the integrated kitchen and dining room. Our staff cook takes care of fresh and nutritious daily lunches.


The classrooms’ ground floor location offers us easy access to the large lawn, the little river, the basketball court and our two play areas. Whenever the weather permits, we spend breaks and lunchtimes outside. This makes a healthy and enjoyable physical alternative to learning and working in the classroom.