Privatschule Firstclass in Zurich.

Privatschule Firstclass is a small private day school in the north of Zurich offering a high-standard education.

The lessons are taught in German at kindergarten and primary level. However, English lessons are introduced already at kindergarten level. Privatschule Firstclass is a state-approved private school. It is politically and religiously independent.

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The better way to care.

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27.10.16 Räbeliechtliumzug Kiga, 1st-3rd Class
11.11.16 Landesmuseum 1st-3rd Class
13.12.16 Opera, “The Wizard of Oz”, 3rd-6th Class”

Primary School

Grades 1 to 6 follow the curriculum laid down by the canton of Zurich.

This means that pupils can transfer to a state school or international school at any time.


Our kindergarten teacher guides the children

through different activities, such as arts and crafts and cognitive exercises according to the Zurich curriculum.


The classrooms’ ground floor location offers us easy access to the large lawn, the little river, de basketball court and our two play areas.


Entry-level pupils and middle-schoolers both have their own classroom with individual desks, a wide variety of learning material and PCs with internet access.


The classrooms are designed for children and aim to make them feel comfortable.