Timetable for the kids.

Our kindergarten teacher guides the children through different activities, such as arts and crafts and cognitive exercises according to the Zurich curriculum.

New teaching methods such as project work and cooperative and collaborative learning are integrated into our curriculum as a matter of course. The children learn and practice different social skills in an easy way. Intellectual activity is as important as free play and activities to further fine and gross motor skills. The children do handicrafts, paint and exercise. The pace of the lesson is tailored to the age and stage of development of the children.

Singing, storytelling and games are conducted in German and English during classroom time.

During break and lunchtime the kindergarten children and primary school children spend their time together. Whenever the weather is nice they spend their free time outside, otherwise they stay inside in the classrooms.


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Holidays are the same as those of the schools of the town of Zuerich. Exceptions can occur.