Timetable for students at primary school.

Grades 1 to 6 follow the curriculum laid down by the canton of Zurich while integrating numerous English sequences. This means that pupils can transfer to a state school or international school at any time.

For the primary school children, the day begins with English. After the English lesson, there are lessons in mathematics, singing and handwriting. The children work in groups or individually at their own pace.

German and “Mensch und Umwelt” (“man and the environment”) are taught in German. During this time the children learn to talk, listen and discuss subjects of current interest. In small groups or on their own, the children work on creative writing, reading, grammar or poetry. They research, read and talk about foreign countries and tribes, animals and plants. We arrange visits from lecturers who are experts in their field, and trips to museum. Books, CD-’s, newspapers, films and the Internet from part of our everyday media resources.

The older pupils spend their break and lunchtime with the kindergarten children. They eat and play together. Every afternoon there is time for sport (physical education and swimming), arts and crafts or drama.


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Holidays are the same as those of the schools of the city of Zurich. Exceptions may occur.